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The Kennards Hire Short Shift Showdown

    The tough decision had to be made and due to several factors out of our immediate control we have had to cancel

 The Kennards Hire Short Shift Showdown.

Very disappointing considering the amount of thought, work and support that has gone into trying something different.

I would like to thank all the ‘Big Gun’ riders that supported the event. 
The exceptional ability of all these fast riders that would have come together on our variety of tracks would have been a great thing to witness. 

It was also gearing up to be a lot of fun for all the interesting ‘Air Cooled Trackers’ and ‘Big Slugger’ bikes that had entered. 

Stay safe in these hard times and hope we can get back to racing again soon.     




This could be BIG……

We have adopted components from 3 very successful Australian Flat Track events to try something New, something Fun and something Exciting….Pulling Gears and Sliding Rears at THE KENNARDS HIRE SHORT SHIFT SHOWDOWN, brought to you by the Coffs Harbour Motorcycle Club.

Too much seriousness, not enough racing.

Let us fix both of those gripes in one event.

Limited entry numbers so everyone gets loads of track time, one condition… have to have fun and have a laugh.

Start prepping those ‘Maddest Modified’ bikes you have always wanted to punt around a proper Flat Track.

Start thinking about a spongy, safe ‘Appalling Apparel’ costume to take some seriousness out of it.

Gee up your riding buddies…. the Recreational riders can have up to 24 on the track together, which should slow you all down a bit…. You can even share a bike if you get too buggered from laughing.

If you think you can pop a mono.…try your luck at going for the prize of ‘Longest wheely in 2 minutes around the Hoon Loop’.

The fast guys get a turn as well with 5 x 10-minute practise sessions to get the feel of the 5 different tracks.

The competition riders better be on their game though, because to top it off …. one of the rounds will be a qualifying round, so the fastest 12 riders progress to a 12-lap final RACE.

Prize money will be awarded down to sixth place for both of the ‘Big Gun Fast Classes’.

And if this isn’t enough entertainment for one night.…. well, then some of the country’s fastest hotted up posties are going for the title of ‘Fastest Mail Delivery’.

Don’t miss this one people…. It’s going to be a hoot of a time.

This exciting new event is setting the industry a buzz with anticipation and it is bound to entertain many people from far and wide. With your help, this event has the potential to grow into a major event and merchandising bonanza.

If you would like to get on the band wagon for this unique first-time event that has been rescheduled for the 25th September 2021, please contact Phil Crough via phone or email to discuss your involvement.

Kind Regards

Phil Crough

CHMCC President.

Ph 0419270390

The Kennards Hire Short Shift Showdown has the potential to be another good fundraiser to continue improving our tracks and facility.

Below is some info extracted from the supplementary regulations which explains a bit about what’s going on, please feel free to share this around to gee up some interest.

Classes of Competition;

  • Recreational Classes; (Recreational or competition licence required)
  1. Air Cooled Trackers, no knobby rear tyres. Any capacity air cooled bike.
  2. Buzz Boxes, any bike under 230cc. Knobbies permitted.
  3. Big Slugga’s, any bike over 230cc. No knobby rear tyres.
  • Competition Classes; (Competition licence required)
  1. Express Post Challenge. Must be a Honda Postie with a CT110 engine, any tyres permitted.
  2. Big Gun Fast Class, up to 250cc, no knobby rear tyres.
  3. Big Gun Fast Class, over 250cc, no knobby rear tyres.
  • 50cc Minibikes for riders 4 to 9 years.


Should there be insufficient entries in any class of competition, the decision to run or cancel the class, or to combine events and re-distribute any award and/or prizes , will be at the discretion of the promoter, subject to Motorcycling NSW approval.

  • 18 bike entries per competition class, (Big Gun Fast Class up to 250cc and Express Post Challenge) by invitation/application only.
  • 36 bike entries per competition class (Big Gun Fast Class, over 250cc) by invitation/application only.
  • 24 bike entries per recreational class.
  • One class entry per bike only.
  • A rider can enter no more than 2 classes.
  • Bikes can be shared in the recreational classes only. More than 24 riders can enter one class and share a bike.
  • Come and go on/off the track during a ride session, but NOT during the 3 races.

Conditions of entry in the spirit of the event;

  1. Big Gun Fast Class riders MUST BE FAST, some of the country’s fastest riders are entering and the aim is to showcase the best of Flat Track riding Australia has to offer.
  2. We encourage anyone entering the recreational classes to get into the spirit of the event and aim for one of the prize categories, i.e. madly modified bike or crazy costume, see below.

Awards and Prizes;

Prizes for;

  • Best Garage Queen, Bike.
  • Most Appalling Apparel, Rider.
  • Maddest Modified, Bike.
  • Hard Luck, the least laps covered by a bike.
  • Kiss Ass Crowd Clown, Rider.

Novelty Event;

  • Longest Wheely in 2 minutes around the Hoon Loop.

Competition Prizes;

  • Jaw Droppin Speed Demon, fastest lap recorded in the competition races.
  • Fastest Mail Delivery, first Postie to successfully post their letter on the last lap of the race.
  • Prize money awarded to competition classes.

Posties – 1st $300. 2nd $150. 3rd $50.

Up to 250cc – 1st $400. 2nd $250. 3rd $200. 4th $75. 5th $50. 6th $25.

Over 250cc – 1st $400. 2nd $250. 3rd $200. 4th $75. 5th $50. 6th $25.

When preparing bikes and costumes you will need to comply with;

  1. All machines entered must comply with the current GCR’s for Dirt Track competition.
  2. All machines must be safe for use and have front and rear brakes operational and not binding.
  3. Centre and side stands must be removed or secured in the closed position.
  4. Primary drives and counter shaft sprockets must be guarded so as to prevent direct access to the chain or sprockets with the fingers.
  5. A chain guard must be fitted in a way to prevent trapping between the lower drive train run and the final drive sprocket at the rear wheel.
  6. Only soft objects to be used as any parts of apparel/costumes.
  7. Noise and compliance testing may be carried out at any time during this meeting.
  8. Multiple entry of one machine in any class of competition is not permitted.

Spectator entry fee will be; Adults $20 – Children $5.

Rider entry fees;

Entry fees below are per class entered.

  1. $100 per class CHMCC members.
  2. $120 per class NON CHMCC members.
  3. $60 for second rider on the same bike.
  4. $30 per rider in the 50cc minibike class.
  5. $30 for one day recreational licences.
  6. $75 for one day competition licences.
  7. Payment made by Ridernet only.
  8. 2 x gate entry passes per bike entered.


Limited camping spots are available at the track. $50.00 / night per spot. Bookings are essential

Quality Hotel City Centre Coffs Harbour  Click here for website

(Call Quality Hotel City Centre direct on 02 6652 6388, mention The Kennards Hire Shortshift Showdown and save on your room rate)

Events like this would not be possible without the support of sponsors.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the 4 major sponsors who did not hesitate to help get this event up and running.

KENNARDS HIRE - lighting, machinery and equipment 
COFFS KTM and GAS GAS - $1000 in prize money
NORTH COAST MOTO CLASSICS - $1000 in prize money
QUALITY HOTEL CITY CENTRE COFFS HARBOUR - Event officials accommodation 

Prizes to the value of at least $300 for the 8 other categories.

Supplementary Regs are found here