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Monthly minutes - February 2018

February Minutes - 6/2/18

Meeting Start: 18:15

Present: Russ & Ruth Woodgate, Tracey Wallace, Jason Billing, Tony & Vicki Deane, Anthony Wakeman, David Wedd.

Apologies: Donna Craig , Andrew Ray.

No Old Business


New Business


  • Officials and lack there of: No one has stepped up though many have verbally offered we are still in dire need of all key officials to hold any race days and also recreation days require officials - situation unresolved.
  • Club steward, Jason to speak with MNSW to request the use of a Club Steward to remove need for Steward and Clerk.
  • MX date clash with Junior Titles - club will change our date; to be announced.
  • Trophies for club championship 2017 - Siobhan Pink did not receive trophy due to clerical error with trophy supply: All in favour (AIF) to purchase trophy.
  • Purchase of hooter horns for timed sessions on ride days - AIF
  • Keys: Jason raised concern about keys being duplicated, suggesting rekeying. Tracey suggested the Club to purchase more coded locks to enable regular changes to control who access to club assets - AIF
  • Slasher: Jason advised clutch is blown and spare smaller clutch being used now. Jack Martin from Stan Cork Machinery has inspected the slasher with a diagnosis being it is pretty much worn out. He quoted a new 6-Foot slasher (slightly larger) complete for $4100.00. Ruth has quote from Hardakers Machinery in the $4600 vicinity, Jason proposed club sets aside higher amount and use old slasher until it finally stops working - AIF.
  • Jason inspected spray unit and it needs new hose, pump and lids for tank. Suggested club buy a quality unit we can get parts for with a budget of $1000.00 to be permanently mounted to red tractor - AIF.
  • Sprinkler automation on MX track ,initial investigation shows a costing of $100 per valve (7) $2.30 per/meter of cable and $750.00 for central control unit. Many requests for possibility of iPhone activation and installed costings to be sourced by Jason - AIF of further investigation.
  • Club looking for donation of forks to suit our Bobcat or tractor.
  • Car Club written request for use of Dirt track facility as they had many years ago: Unanimous NO to using Dirt Track.
  • Re-offer to car club as per previous , being use of infield and they construct at their cost with no cost involved to CHMCC, Jason to talk to Bob Carle.
  • Dave Wedd requested club source pipes and construct Long Track, need 15m of concrete pipe approximately for drain - AIF with no one to action.
  • Dave Wedd enquired to hire venue for his 50th party - AIF
  • Caretaker position, only one candidate at this time, Ben Mladin. Club to offer 2 week trial with view to extend to 3 month trial & if successful; position to be held as per written guidelines. Ben to Report to Russ Woodgate as supervisor, club to report and liase to Russ Woodgate as well.
  • Treasurers report, Tracey still awaiting some final bills from stadium with approx. $83000.00 in account with an estimated $40000.00 still to be paid. Costs for earthmoving were double last year with club now securing double the fill we started with from Ernie Burnett, thanks Ernie.
  • Overall stadium was a huge success. 
  • Canteen: Tracey concerned for lack of helpers and canteen needs a new caretaker for 2018, AIF of closing canteen until someone takes over.
  • Many participants floating ideas for the canteen to be moved to on top of hill between tracks, smaller and better vision being the hopeful key to encourage canteen reopening - AIF with nobody to action. 
  • Sawdust purchase $1000 budget - AIF.
  • Russ Woodgate suggested security cameras, further investigation.
  • Jason requested permission to re-position waste fill from mx pit to build up machinery pad and reduce flood risk on equipment - AIF.
  • Tree pruning to reduce chances of further power line damage on property, Jason to get quotes from Kim Perkins and a few other arborists, also rubbish growing around signage to property - AIF.



Meeting closed 20:45

Monthly minutes - November 2017

7/11/17 - Meeting opened 6.30pm

Present; Ruth Woodgate, Amy Briggenshaw, Anthony Wakeham, Jason Billing, James Manual, Tracey Wallace,

Apologies; Andrew Ray, Damien Brown (mower club)

Old Business: 

Jason Billing presented the quotes for new mower-The  Greenfield is open to anyone to ride it and easy for anyone to get on it cost $6100 34” cut. Kubota-Stan Cork Machinery will give us sponsorship in return for a sign at the club for approx.. $2000 off the price on a Kubota $6000 48” cut. This type of machine will need an induction on how to run the machine. Ferris Zero Turn - $7400, Kubota Zero Turn - Decision was to go with the Kubota-Stan Cork Machinery and the club will allow to put up a sign at the clubhouse. Jason Billings to organise and approach for discounted services.

New Business:

New caretaker instructions will require weekly jobs such as the care of all lawns wiper snippering and weed spraying inside and outside of track. Toilet cleaning for each rec day and race days, garbage emptying. Watering of the tracks on Tuesday nights for Wednesday rec days and Saturday nights for Sunday rec days. This is the basic caretaker responsibilities for the cost of living within the residence, this is to be communicated to Craig Sutton our existing caretaker by Jason Billing as he negotiated the original deal.

The potential was discussed of running extra rec days on a Friday afternoon where the caretaker is in full responsibility for the track and the riders attending (no alcohol allowed during these times of the caretaker) in which the caretaker will receive $5 per rider for running these extra rec days. As we are changing the focus of the club to more of a ride park where the tracks are open weekly the requirement of the caretaker must be renegotiated, watering of the track is a must for example. Jason Billing to discuss with caretaker.

James Manual attended the meeting in regards to the stand at the showground for the stadium MX. Because we decided to go with a club member who has the same stand of slushies and kids games we have gone with them. It is now decided that the club would offer both parties to have their stands, moving James near the front gate and the big canteen that the basketball club is running.  Donna to email both parties to advise and await response.

Lawn Mowing Racing-Due to reassessment the club will offer the mowers one Saturday per month with a prepped track for the cost of $250 with the track maintenance man to be paid $150. And further more we will offer them one weekend per year for a club championships. This will need to be fitted into our calendar at a cost of $500 for the 2 days. Ruth to contact Damien Brown.

RC Cars-they will be testing the cars on Saturday (track needs to be free by 3pm) if they supply insurance with the club noted. Then a decision will be made for the future of them running regular jigs.

New Bank accounting system “Xero” was approved to make things a lot easier. It has been decided that the club will purchase this system which will cost the club $50-$80 per month. 

New Red Flags ordered.

Paid track maintenance and officials as follows:

  • The President ONLY will give permission for track prep to happen on either track for the cost of $150
  • Blaize will continue to do the track prep when requested by the President. Permanently booked to prep the track prior to all race days.
  • Rec Day officials is $75 per rec Wednesday $150 per rec Sunday with both tracks open
  • Officials on Race Days Clerk and Steward both $100 plus travel costs. This may need to be negotiated for out of town officials on a needs basis..

Refunds on Race Days - We always offer refunds (minus the credit card charges) if a rider doesn’t turn up. If a rider chooses to take the track for practice, they forego their entry fee.

AGM will now be held at the presentation and Xmas party on Saturday 9th December. The club will just collect payment on the day of $10 per head with those that turn up and the club to pay the balance. Agreed on a $500 limit for the club. Tony Deanne to supply water slide and Russ Woodgate to supply music.

Club Logo - it was discussed that we would ask Tenayah to submit options for the new logo which include a bike, sprocket or other bike related image that more fits in with the club. Donna to discuss this with her.

Nominations for Executive committee positions will be emailed out by Tracey to all club members, open until the 24/11 and then posted for voting on the AGM. Positions available-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Canteen Manager, DT maintenance, MX track maintenance, Publicity Officer, Vice President

Trophies Amy to choose to the value of $1000. Andrew to etch the 24 beer mugs if they are purchased and to him early enough.

Amy to organise a life member badge for Donna.

Stadium MX

Advertising- We will be going with the Radio Station for a cost of $1500 for which MNSW has paid $500. Twane suggested that we look at the schedule and pump it more in the last week. Donna to talk to Rod about soft at the beginning then hard for the end week.

TV - WIN TV seems to be the best deal. Prime and NBN are not in comparison with WIN, although they had the news option. Tracey sent them Both an email advising to up their primetime advertising. NBN didn’t think they need to change, and Prime have said they will match WIN TV. This does mean if we go with 2 stations that the cost increases but will reach a wider area. Twane said definitely go with WIN because of the sport that is on. The club has made a decision to go ahead with Prime TV as well as WIN TV for a total of $5000

Facebook - Tenayah said we really need to spend some money on the boost of the Facebook. Tenayah to go ahead with a budget of up to $500 at her discretion and to also piggy back onto the Hoey.

Tenayah to go ahead if possible for the TV ad and to liaise with Bobby.

Donna to chase up the track licence and make a decision with under over bridge, she will talk to Michael Thompson. 

Fencing to be organised to go around the full arena.

Tony Mcintyre organised the sand to be donated by HQ.

Meeting closed 9.30pm

Monthly Minutes - October 2017

Minutes of the meeting Tuesday, 3 October meeting opened at 5:45 PM

Present Amy Briggenshaw, Tracey Wallace, Ruth Woodgate, Donna Craig, Anthony Wakeham, Jason Billing. Apologies from Andrew Ray, Elly Bullen, Darren Taylor, Russell Woodgate. 

New Business - 

Christmas party to be held on 9 December,time to be advised, with pizza van pasta and salad. Price the same as last year. Tracey to ask Pat if he can do the lollies, and Tony Deane if he can do the slippery slide again. It is to include a recreational day 10 AM to 3 PM with a 4 PM start for the Christmas party, free showers will be supplied. 

A decision on how many race days per year will be made at the next club meeting to give all members time to discuss the pros and cons and have an opportunity to vote.

A motion was made to have two doubleheaders of motorcross per year and two double headers of dirt track per year only and the rest of those weekends will be recreational days. Motion was carried to run recreational days every weekend, Sundays nine till two or 10 till three and a volunteer will be offered $150 cash to run them. They will mark the recreational day books with a date and a signature of when they start sign on and the same for where they finish and express deposit bag or labelled envelope will need to be filled out and signed for any monies received for the day and put in the club safe. Drinks will also be sold in an esky with ice which will be stored in the canteen with the rec day box. They need to adhere to the recreational day procedures and they will be required to run the rippers around at the end of the day. A Wednesday afternoon recreational day will also be run every week in daylight savings and volunteer will be paid $75 cash in order to do that same rules apply. Amy confirmed that it is okay to run recreation days when Port Macquarie is also running it is just race days that we have agreed not to clash with. 

It was agreed to print the rec day procedures as they currently are and post them. Tracey discussed that the new tractor has been picked up and is on its way however the implements are coming from Victoria and so it is hoped that they will be here by Friday. It was agreed to have Blaize come and prep the track with Jason Briggenshaw. 

It was discussed that we will need to remove the old tractor from its storage bay to enable the new tractor to be secured however we may need to purchase another container in order to make a bigger storage shedfor the second tractor. Insurance has already been instated and paid. 

 It was discussed that the feedback about having to change the motocross race days from 4th and 5th of November to the following weekend had alienated some riders. As there is no other option due to a lack of officials available on those dates, and the fact that St John's ambulance have already been changed to those dates, I was decided that those dates would stand. 

Tracey notified the club that they paid flaggies would not be available on this weekend. The mower club and the use of our track was discussed. It was a concern that the mowers currently have not paid for the use of the track and that as they are running on a Sunday we cannot run a rec day which brings in more money. As they cannot run on a Saturday because a lot of them are not local, it was agreed that they could run on a Sunday for $400 for the rent of the track they are to adhere to the list of rules such as No dogs, No smoking etc. They are to return the track into the condition it was in, and they are to return the facilities to the condition they are in (toilets canteen rubbish etc). Any breakages are to be paid for. 

The mower club has a pull behind grader blade which they are happy to bring down and leave at the club to help with preparation. 

 The mower club have expressed interest in volunteering to do a paid job for stadium MX. At this point they would be paid a portion of their travel rent in return for successful completion of that job for example remove the barriers etc. 

 It was voted that the old rotary hoe not be repaired due to the cost. To ask Jason Briggenshaw if it can be sold for spares. 

 Tracey discussed that the new tablet has been purchased for use in the canteen and for stadium, loaded with the correct app and tested on the weekend. Cost in total including cover with $120. 

 Discussion regarding the feedback on Ridernet registration for club days – it was discussed that many riders dislike the online registration, it is much easier for race day starting early, And paperwork for race order and indemnity etc, however, due to the poor attendance of riders at race days and the fact that they are less profitable than recreational days, it was identified that it is important not to alienate any riders and so for that reason it was agreed upon that a late entry will be allowed up to 7:30 AM on the day of racing for a late fee of $20. 

It was also discussed to have Tenayah Mcleod share our race day posts to other clubs such as Hastings, Cessnock, Maitland, Grafton, by swap and sell, particularly for this weekend as we only have two entrants online. 

 A motion to reinstate Nob Hill back onto the MX track was passed. 

Jason Billing to ask Jason Briggenshaw and Blaize if it's possible to do when prepping the track. It was discussed that officials payments for club days are too high particularly as participants are low and a motion to reduce officials payments to $100 for Steward and Clerk was passed. 

A motion was passed to pay volunteers a cash some of $150 to prep and water the track both MX and dirt track. For example track can be prepped on Monday but watering needs to be done on Friday and Saturday. After every race or recreational day on motocross the rippers must be taken around. A motion to purchase a new Mower was made, to repair the existing one would be in excess of $1800. The members present agreed a new mower was required and Jason Billing to look into what options are available from Stan cork machinery etc quotes to be provided to the next meeting. Craig discussed that the bathroom in the caretakers residents needs replacing. The floor has rotted through amongst other things. Craig estimates the total cost to be $2000. It was agreed to reimburse Craig for approximately $300 for materials that he currently has purchased and to put out a Facebook ad calling for all Tradies explaining that we are looking for products and time in order to reduce the cost of replacing the bathroom. If this cannot be done it was agreed to fund the total cost by 25th of December 2017. A rec day roster was started with a view to having a two month roster i.e. you would only have to run one in every eight recreational days. 

People who have pledged to run one month currently until we can increase the roster are; Ruth and Russell Woodgate, Anthony Wakeham, Tracey Wallace and Andrew Ray, and Jason Billing others to be encouraged to come along and train on these days so we can increase the roster. We need a list of eligible people that are not just level 1 and 2 officials but are approved by the club committee. It was agreed to start advertising on social media and website Wednesday and Sunday rec days and Tracey will approach Nick Bullen to see if he's interested in running Wednesday recdays as well. 

 Meeting closed at 8:45 PM

Monthly Minutes - July

In Attendance

            Amy Briggenshaw, Andrew Ray, Tracey Wallace, Donna Craig, Ruth Woodgate, Garth O’Brien, Darren & Moni Taylor.
Old Business

Motion to finance a new tractor for 3 years- Passed

Motion to look at selling old tractor in 6 months- Passed


New Business

Tracey gave her treasures report. 

Motion to make round 5 of both DT & MX a double header to make up for the cancelled rounds - Passed

Track licence is all sorted. 

Motion to put on Facebook that we need help to water the tracks before race days- Passed

 Motion to let Tenayah Mcleod Redo our club Logo and freshen up our website- Passed


Meeting Closed at 7:20pm

Next meeting will be the 5th of September at the club house at 6:30pm

Monthly Minutes - May 2017

In attendance; Tracey Wallace, Andrew Ray, Ruth and Russell Woodgate, Donna Craig, Amy Briggenshaw.

No apologies.

New business;

- Motion to have the remote Control cars use our facilities and  track – motion passed.

- Motion to have mower club use our facilities and track – motion passed.

  • Russell looked into tractors and found one that suits motion to finance the tractor with bank  – motion passed.
    • Tracey Wallace and Amy Briggenshaw authorised to make application on behalf of the club - motion passed.
  • Motion for Andrew to make new directional signs for the corner of Phil Hawthorn Drive and the stadium Drive Road – motion passed.
  • Motion for Donald to chase Steele for new grandstands – motion passed.
  • Motion to run stadium motorcross over two days without lights and pay helpers also to form subcommittees to allow Donna to delegate duties – Donna to do some more research into light costs and marketing with the Hoey Moey before making a final decision.

-  Donna suggested that we approach Tenayah of McLeod Media to be on the liaison for Stadium Motocross - She would be happy to look after our Facebook three months prior to the event and all promotion with the Hoey Moey, We would just pay for filming and editing – motion passed.

Meeting closed 8 PM

Monthly Minutes - April 2017

In attendance; Tracey Wallace, Donna Craig, Amy Briggenshaw, Craig Sutton, Tony and Vicky Deane.
Apologies; Renee Billing.
Motion to apply for a new 50 track – passed.
Motion for Tony to do up a list of track upkeep, maintenance log, users etc – passed.
Motion for Russell to look into purchasing lights – passed.
Motion for Tracy to do up a canteen procedure list – passed.
Motion for Donna and Russell to talk to Kyle and Blaine about how much to prep our motorcross track – passed.
Motion for Ruth to step up as president – passed.
Meeting closed 8:15 PM.

Monthly Minutes - March 2017

In attendance; Jason and Renee Billing, Jason and Amy Briggenshaw, Russell and Ruth Woodgate, Garth OBrien, Craig Sutton, Tony and Vicky Deane.
Apologies; Donna Craig, Andrew Ray.
John Hunter, the current president, announced he would be stepping down.
Motion to wait two weeks to allow any other member to put together a proposal for the position of President. Once we have all the proposals we will have a meeting on the 6th to vote for a new president.
Meeting closed 7:50 PM

Monthly Minutes For April 2016