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Monthly Minutes - July

In Attendance

            Amy Briggenshaw, Andrew Ray, Tracey Wallace, Donna Craig, Ruth Woodgate, Garth O’Brien, Darren & Moni Taylor.
Old Business

Motion to finance a new tractor for 3 years- Passed

Motion to look at selling old tractor in 6 months- Passed


New Business

Tracey gave her treasures report. 

Motion to make round 5 of both DT & MX a double header to make up for the cancelled rounds - Passed

Track licence is all sorted. 

Motion to put on Facebook that we need help to water the tracks before race days- Passed

 Motion to let Tenayah Mcleod Redo our club Logo and freshen up our website- Passed


Meeting Closed at 7:20pm

Next meeting will be the 5th of September at the club house at 6:30pm

Monthly Minutes - May 2017

In attendance; Tracey Wallace, Andrew Ray, Ruth and Russell Woodgate, Donna Craig, Amy Briggenshaw.
No apologies.
New business;
Motion to have the remote Control cars use our facilities and  track – motion passed.
Motion to have mower club use our facilities and track – motion passed.
Russell looked into tractors and found one that suits motion to purchase – motion passed.
Motion for Andrew to make new directional signs for the corner of Phil Hawthorn Drive and the stadium Drive Road – motion passed.
Motion for Donald to chase Steele for new grandstands – motion passed.
Motion to run stadium motorcross over two days without lights and pay helpers also to form subcommittees to allow Donna to delegate duties – donna to do some more research into light costs and marketing with the Hoey Moey before making a final decision.
Donna suggested that we approach Tenayah of McLeod Media to be on the liaison for Stadium Motocross - She would be happy to look after our Facebook three months prior to the event and all promotion with the Hoey Moey, We would just pay for filming and editing – motion passed.
Meeting closed 8 PM

Monthly Minutes - April 2017

In attendance; Tracey Wallace, Donna Craig, Amy Briggenshaw, Craig Sutton, Tony and Vicky Deane.
Apologies; Renee Billing.
Motion to apply for a new 50 track – passed.
Motion for Tony to do up a list of track upkeep, maintenance log, users etc – passed.
Motion for Russell to look into purchasing lights – passed.
Motion for Tracy to do up a canteen procedure list – passed.
Motion for Donna and Russell to talk to Kyle and Blaine about how much to prep our motorcross track – passed.
Motion for Ruth to step up as president – passed.
Meeting closed 8:15 PM.

Monthly Minutes - March 2017

In attendance; Jason and Renee Billing, Jason and Amy Briggenshaw, Russell and Ruth Woodgate, Garth OBrien, Craig Sutton, Tony and Vicky Deane.
Apologies; Donna Craig, Andrew Ray.
John Hunter, the current president, announced he would be stepping down.
Motion to wait two weeks to allow any other member to put together a proposal for the position of President. Once we have all the proposals we will have a meeting on the 6th to vote for a new president.
Meeting closed 7:50 PM

Monthly Minutes For April 2016