Coffs Harbour
Motorcycle Club           

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The 2018 Hoey Moey Stadium MX returns for another year, 13th of January, for another day/night of action packed, fast paced Stadium MX racing from some of Australia's best talent! Don't miss the 7th annual Coffs Harbour Stadium MX! 

Annual General Meeting, Rec Day and Xmas Party & Presentation at CHMCC Sat 9th December at 5.15pm

Our AGM will be held at the clubhouse on Saturday the 9th December at 5.15pm following a rec day on both tracks and before our Christmas Party. The Rec day is scheduled weather permitting on both tracks from 12 noon to 5pm, followed by our AGM in the clubhouse at 5.15pm and then our Christmas party and Presentation will start at 6pm. 

There will be Pizza, pasta, garlic bread and salad for Dinner $10 per head as well as Presentation. Word is there will be a slippery slide like last year so bring the kids swimmers and towel!

We really need numbers for dinner so please email or comment on the facebook post names and numbers please. Payment will be done on the day by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.


Nominations for Executive Committee positions will be taken by email to from 10/11/17-24/11/17 after which nominations will be posted on our website in order to allow members time to decide their voting preferences. The AGM agenda will consist of only the stepping down of all current executive committee members and the voting in of the new Executive committee.

Position descriptions are below for anyone who is not familiar with them. Please consider your vote wisely as the successful running of the club for the next 12 months relies on the people who will take up these positions. It requires time and commitment as well as good communication and organization skills and a passion for the club.


  • Oversees and manages general running of the club  
  • Represents the club (spokesperson) 
  • Chairs General & Committee meetings 
  • Delegates tasks to members 
  • Liaises with Motorcycling NSW and Australia
  • Oversees Practice and Race Day Planning
  • Works with Treasurer to devise budget  
  • Assists President with all of the above duties
  • Chairs General & Committee meetings if president is unavailable

    Club Secretary  
  • Regularly check the letterbox for correspondence regarding teams, bills etc, and forward on to the appropriate committee members
  • Regularly check the email account for correspondence  
  • Correspond with MNSW
  • Responsible for track licencing including submitting forms/paperwork to MNSW and liasing with Track Inspectors, Dept Sport & Rec          and NSW Police
  • Liase with Treasurer to make sure all accounts are paid to MNSW and other suppliers
  • Record minutes at all meeting and make them available to club members
  • Responsible for ensuring all membership fees are paid by members and passed onto Treasurer
  • Responsible for receiving phone calls/emails from members regarding general enquiries
  • Responsible for receiving phone calls/emails from potential members
  • Enter club members details into club database and MNSW affiliation register

Race Secretary-

  • Assists the President with the organisation of race days, race calendars etc
  • Responsible for making sure all permits, officials and paperwork is completed and available  for race days and performs sign-on etc          on race days
  • Complete all paperwork and make available to MNSW/Dept Sport & Rec after each race day
  • organize scoring, results and posts on website
  • organize end of year scoring and presentation
  • organizes trophy and medalions etc

Public Officer-

  • filling out necessary paperwork for the Department of Fair Trading (Yearly) 

  • Responsible for managing club funds
  • Issues invoices for payments received
  • Pay invoices
  • Devise a budget accounting the profit/loss details for the club for the past financial year  (with the Presidents help)
  • Deposit any payments into the club bank account with the deposit book
  • Responsible for signing cheques for club payments (must have 2 committee members  signatures on cheques)
  • Must keep a record of all money given or received by the club, its members and  contacts
  • Responsible for the maintaining the financial security of the club

    Canteen Manager-
  • Responsible for running of the canteen throughout the year
  • Co-ordinate canteen committee
  • Arranges orders from suppliers
  • Set Up / Clean Up of canteen for race days
  • Arranges roster for help throughout race days
  • Liase with Treasurer for payment of all accounts
    Track Manager-
  • Liase with Secretary in regards to track licencing
  • Responsible for track maintenance before/during and after race days
  • Arrange track working bees by liasing with promotions officer to send emails/newsletters etc
Coaching Officer-
  • Responsible for running or organizing coaching sessions throughout the year

Publicity, Promotions & Website Officer – (can be split between two)-

  • Keep website updated with info from president/secretary/publicity officer/ fundraising or  other members
  • Keep Facebook updated with info from president/secretary/publicity officer/ fundraising or  other members
  • Responsible for the promotion of club social events, such as emails to the whole club  regarding upcoming club functions or news
  • Promote any sponsorship support in the newsletter/website
  • Liases with newspapers, radio and television

    Social/ Fundraising Officer -
  • Work with the committee to organise and coordinate social aspects of the club and major  events
  • Organise club barbeques when appropriate eg: xmas party, presentation night
  • Organise the ponsors Night” in conjunction with sponsorship manager and members
  • Organise fundraising activities
    Sponsorship Officer -  
  • Responsible for putting together a sponsorship proposal to take out to possible sponsors  follow up etc
  • Liase with Treasurer for Invoicing sponsorships
  • Liase with promotions and publicity officers for sponsors advertising eg: make sure banners  etc are done and at track

  • General Committee Members
    • Attend regular committee meetings
    • Help committee undertake tasks as necessary  eg, BBQs, Presentation Night, Social Events or as delegated by the President